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Intracranial Aneurysm

  1. "However, once Dr. Lazar came into my room that night to explain everything to me, a peace came over me that I couldn't quite explain. Here I was, about to have a craniotomy, and I was more calm than anyone else! I knew that my work on Earth wasn't done, not with my son or with my "kids" at school, and I knew that God and Dr. Lazar were going to take care of me. I just felt it. I was not going to die."
    Lorrie R., Corsicana, Texas
    Read about Lorrie's experience on her website at:

  2. "Dear Dr. Lazar, Today is my husband's 69th birthday. In 1980 you performed a cranial aneurysm operation repair on him. He doesn't have any seizures. He doesn't take any seizure medication. He retired as an assembly engineer in 1999 and obtained 4 patents before retiring. He is financially successful, enjoys doing yard work and going to church activities. Thank you for bringing so many happy years to us."
    Laurie G., Plano, Texas July 2008

Arnold-Chiari Malformation

  1. "Dear Dr. Lazar, My Thanksgiving blessings include you, Dr. Lazar and all of your office staff and associates. Your patient professionalism and honest approach to the whole process has been much appreciated."
    Debbie C., The Colony, Texas November 2009

  2. "Dear Dr. Lazar, 10 years and all is well! Thanks forever for you and your staff."
    Debbie C., The Colony, Texas November 2009

Orbital Tumor

  1. "Dear Dr. Lazar, Thanks again for holding my hand from day one throughout this entire process. We are so lucky to have found you as our doctor. You have reassured us every step of the way and we appreciate all you have done. You have given me a new life and I can't thank you enough. It truly means the world to me and my entire family."
    Carol J., Dallas, Texas August, 2009

Intracranial Blood Clot/Hemorrhage

  1. "Dear Dr. Lazar, You can't imagine how much we appreciate your care and concern shown to Róthrough this ordeal. You and your team were wonderful to him and our family.

    I personally appreciated your straight answers and talking to me and our family about the surgery and his long list of problems we faced. This gives the family comfort knowing we can trust you and knowing you are there doing all that is humanly possible.

    Róhas great admiration for you as a physician and friend. I now understand why. You saved the day! G-d showed us several miracles along the way and your team was one of them. We are forever grateful."
    Janet T., Dallas, Texas, November 2009

Brain Tumor

  1. "I thought you would be interested in hearing how one of your patients is doing after years of health. And also, thank you for my husband's life. In July, it will be 20 years since you removed James M's malignant ependymoma. At the time of surgery, Jim asked you for five more years of life. You gave him 20+ years. There is no way to let you know how much we both appreciate what you did for Jim other than to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

    There is no other reason for this letter. I just wanted to let you know Jim is still doing well and to thank you again for your help."
    Karon M., Hemet, California. March 2006

  2. "I'm feeling really good. Every day is better. You are a genius of course — thanks for fixing me up so well."

    "The purpose of this letter is to let you know that I have decided to take possession of my life back from you good physicians. While I know that I had a brain tumor and a dropped foot before entering hospital, I was quite physically healthy before all of the drugs and procedures necessary to remove the brain tumor began. Now that I have no brain tumor and my dropped foot is recovered. I do promise to follow your most pronounced rules.

    I am really looking forward to the day when I no longer have to see you wearing your doctor's hat. I simply want to be your good friend and help you with your charity."
    Linda A., Dallas, Texas September 1991

  3. "Every so often someone comes into your life to make a difference. You have done so today. Thank you for being a wonderful physician. Thank you for giving my mother respect and for treating her with dignity. I have been around many health care providers and this type of practice is rare."
    Jane A., Houston, Texas December 2005

  4. "Thank you for giving M. a thorough exam Thursday. It was a huge relief to have you perform the exam as I know your standards are so high. I trust you to give me clean, direct information. I am also grateful to have had your assistance in getting an MRI so promptly and with such a significant cost savings."
    Susan S., Carrollton, Texas March 2008

  5. "Dear Dr. Lazar, Thank you for the wonderful care that you have consistently provided to me. Our entire family was comforted to know that I was, literally, in such great 'hands' during surgery. Please also pass on our thanks to your entire staff and to everyone in the NICU."
    Laura O'D, San Antonio, Texas June 2009

Acoustic Neuroma

  1. "As you know there are a lot of problems with Medicare and Doctors right now. Most Doctors won't even take a patient that is on Medicare. Why Dr. Lazar decided to take John as a patient, I have no idea. But he did. Dr. Lazar spent three hours with John and I explaining about John's tumor, showing us x-rays where the tumor is located. Showing us models of the brain, patiently explaining every symptom J had and how it was connected to the brain nerves. The tumor was estimated to be the size of a lemon. This is huge for an acoustic neuroma.

    We needed two more Dr's. They were not taking new Medicare patients. Dr. Lazar walked us into one Dr's office and got an appointment for John. He called the other Dr. and we had an appointment in minutes.

    This is a surgeon who does not sugar coat anything but here he was fighting for John. He has no idea that he was helping someone who had lived and struggled through his life. John deserved to be treated with respect. Dr. Lazar respected us without knowing anything about us. He knew that we needed him badly and he stepped in.

    Thank you, Dr. Lazar for being who you are. For going above and beyond what you are required to do."
    Marcia M., Plano, Texas March 2003

    "Thank you for saving my life."
    John V., Plano, Texas December 2003

    "Thank you. We have enjoyed the last year so much! I think of you with gratitude so many times. John walked his daughter down the aisle at her wedding and we had a wonderful vacation in Napa. All we can say is thanks to you being so great at what you do we have had another wonderful year together. We also got to hold a new granddaughter."
    Marcia & John V., Plano, Texas December 2004

  2. "Dr. Lazar, Itís someone like you who shows someone like me how special and nice someone can be. Thank you. We really appreciate all that you have done for our daughter, Gayle. We are so thankful for the wisdom God has given you. Thank you."
    Mr. & Mrs. Wayne C, Dallas, Texas March 2007

  3. "Dr. Lazar, Thank you so much for helping my son, M.G. sort through the myriad of information on his Vestibular Schwannoma. You are a wonderful example of what a doctor should do and be. Thank you."
    Mr. Ray G., Iowa City, Iowa February 2008

  4. "Dear Martin: Mr. K was seen today for his audiometric follow-up regarding his history of a previous left sided Acoustic Neuroma which you operated upon. He had no complaints. His examination was negative. The audiometric testing revealed excellent hearing in his right ear while the hearing in his left ear is very good. He still has excellent discrimination in the left ear with a speech reception threshold at 30 decibels which is really an excellent result. Congratulations on achieving such a terrific result!"
    Wayne R. K., MD, Dallas, Texas 2009

  5. "Dear Dr. Lazar, I am writing you to express my gratitude for the unusual amount of time you spent with me and the patience you exhibited in responding to my questions. You went far beyond the norm in discussing and considering the best course of treatment for my acoustic neuroma. Based upon our discussion I have decided to pursue the radiosurgery option in Florida and will reserve it as a fall-back position in the event the radiosurgery proves ineffective.

    Again, let me state that you are truly a credit to your profession by your placement of patient understanding of options and well-being ahead of any personal considerations."
    Randall C. B., Dallas, Texas March 2011

Pituitary Tumor

  1. "Every day I thank God for you and your Team who treated me and my condition so well. I cannot imagine a better recovery.

    Thank you for allowing our young doctors to observe my surgery. It was a great comfort to see them as I went to sleep and as I woke up in Recovery. If one can say brain surgery was a blessing — I can. My doctors at Medical City were outstanding."
    Barbara G., Dallas, Texas May 1998

  2. "Dr. Lazar: There really could never be enough words that truly expressed my gratitude for doing such a fine job of directing me with my recent tumor. You are a fine surgeon and I am here today because of your dedication and service to medicine."
    Stephanie H., Dallas, Texas July 2009

  3. "Dr. Lazar: Stephanie and I feel so fortunate to have had you as our doctor. This process at times was near overwhelming but you gave us great confidence. Thank you for saving her. She is doing great! We appreciate your work very much."
    Geoff H., Dallas, Texas, July 2009

  4. "Dr. Lazar, I never did thank you for your fine work. You operated on me in March of 1988. I have enjoyed perfect health since and one would never know that I had Neurosurgery other than the hormone replacements I take. I have made a life for myself in Maine since October 1988. I have remarried (18 years) and have enjoyed a management career in collision repair. The life I have wouldn't have been possible without you and your team. Once again, thank you! Highest regards,"
    Al H., Sanford, ME, March 2011

Skull Base Tumor

  1. "Words are so inadequate when I try to express my deepest feelings. However, I want to thank you for your expertise, your honesty, and caring for me during this time. Your brilliance, tenacity in learning and your perseverance in the perpetual generosity to people is indescribable. When I have discussed the MediSend Program with people, I cry with appreciation for you and want others to know of your giving and sharing.

    Surgery was ENDOSCOPIC and magnificently successful! Lazar performed his miracle on Thursday morning the 13th. He did so superbly and I did so well that I was released on Saturday morning the 15th. Wow! Some friends called it drive-by or drive through brain surgery.

    When I awakened on the operating table post-surgery, I saw Dr. Lazar standing near my ankles looking at me and I said - You cannot leave without hugging me - He is wonderful. I am forever grateful, indebted. My ten-day post-op check up was A-OK and was told that I could drive! Whoopee!"
    E. Lee D., Plano, Texas February 2005

  2. "Dr. Lazar, it is amazing how you have transformed my life. Do you remember when I was telling you how wonderful you were and you said something to the effect that I should tell your wife? Please let her read this letter, because with respect to your diagnosis, surgery and follow up, you have been truly wonderful. I also remember the excellent care that was rendered to me by your "team". Dr. Lazar, I hope you receive many blessings in your life. Again thank you for holding the door of death closed and letting me back into the real world."
    Yvonne S., Plano, Texas March 2001

  3. "Thank you for all of your fantastic work that you have done for me. It has been 10 1/2 years since the brain surgery, almost 5 years since radiation and I appear to be doing better with every year that passes. I give all the credit to you ... you are the best doctor that a person could ever hope for!"
    Linda B., Garland, Texas January 2007

  4. "Dr. Bringewald cautioned me in the beginning (and continues to remind me) that I was not being promised a miracle, but I'm praying for one anyway! Depending on one's definition of miracle, you may already have given me one: You performed surgery that, as far as I can tell, left me without some of the horrors that could have resulted. Thank you more than I can ever say for giving me the opportunity to hope."
    Jane S., Odessa, Texas August 1996

    "Today I renewed my driverís license for another six years. I had feared the eye test ever since my vision problems developed prior to my previous renewal. I passed the eye test, but I never could have done it without you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
    Jane S., Odessa, Texas October 1999

    "Dr. Lazar, you are a hero in our house as you with your surgical skills prolonged the life of my wife, Jane, the light of my life, for which I am most grateful. Please pace yourself to prolong your life! You are needed by many more people in the future."
    Charles S., Odessa, Texas December 2005

  5. "Dr. Lazar, just a note to let you know that Ellen, now 26, is doing well. After all these years (surgery in 1986) ... she is smart, articulate and quite outgoing. We never forget your part of saving her as we know her. Many thanks, again."
    Margaret F., Raleigh, North Carolina January 2008

  6. "Dr. Lazar: We want to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to support Adam to set his sights high and achieve his goals, in spite of everything he had to overcome. We can never thank you enough for using your medical gift to bring Adam through brain surgey, a seizure disorder, endocrine issues and many eye crises. We are eternally grateful to you for your expertise and personal support and encouragement. You are the best in your field. You were the one who saved Adam's life and we are so grateful that G-d crossed our paths! We love you and appreciate you!"
    Joe, Tara, Adam, Emily, and Alex A., Tyler, Texas June 2009

  7. "Dear Dr. Lazar: I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You could have turned my case away, but you vowed to save me. Instead you have given me a gift that keeps on giving...MY LIFE! Because of this gift, the past 11 years have allowed me to be a wonderful daughter, partner, sister, aunt & great aunt. I help take care of my parents and am productive in my work."
    Susan E. H., Denton, Texas May 2010

Trigeminal Neuralgia/Hemifacial Spasm/Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia

  1. "I was so pleased to see you on my 15th year post-operative anniversary follow up since my MVD operation for Trigeminal Neuralgia. Even though it has been that long since operation, I can still remember the excruciating pain that had persisted over the years. From the moment I awakened from surgery, that horrible pain was gone and I did not have to take that dreadful anticonvulsant medicine any longer. Thank you for giving me my life back."
    Helen J., Tulsa, Oklahoma February 2005.

  2. "I cannot explain how appreciative I am to you for your skill in relieving me of my Hemifacial Spasm problem. I was terrified to face surgery but more terrified of living with this problem any longer. Now that it is over, I realize how much the twitching was interfering with my life."
    Keri Y., Dallas, Texas March 2006

  3. "You have probably heard this before, but allow me to say how utterly delighted I am to no longer have that awful Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia pain. I am still frightened that it might return even though it has been gone since the surgery two years ago. I am so deeply grateful to you for helping me. Bless you."
    Sonja R., Tyler, Texas August 2005

  4. "Dr. Lazar, I have struggled trying to find the words to thank you for literally giving me my life back. While there are many great surgeons, it is my experience few have the compassion and personable skills you possess. Next to my husband, you are my special hero followed by those on your team that provided me the opportunity to enjoy my life again. I will always remain humbled by this experience and cherish the gift of life you and your team have provided me. With gratitude."
    Phyllis B., Yukon, Oklahoma October 2009

Spinal Cord Tumor

  1. "My recovery has been far quicker and easier than I expected. I left the hospital in less than a week and was living totally on my own and without physical therapy within another. Thank you and all your hand-picked staff you assigned to my care. I do hope your Thanksgiving was a good as mine has been."
    Ms. Johnnie M-H., Dallas, Texas November 2005

  2. "I was diagnosed with a tumor near the base of my spinal cord at the level of L1 with Minimally Invasive Surgery, you did a bilateral laminectomy with removal of the tumor. My recovery has been superb. The surgery was much easier than I could ever have expected. I spent only 2 days in the Intensive Care Unit. I was dismissed on the 4th day following surgery. I found that a minimum of pain medications kept me comfortable. After 2 weeks post-surgery, I returned to work full time with no restrictions except to limit the amount of weight picked up or carried to what I could pick up with one hand.

    After 5 weeks post-surgery, I feel totally well: i.e., no pain, tiredness or discomfort, and now I sleep restfully at night, without the spasms, cramps and nightmares. I am glad that I selected Dr. Lazar and Minimally Invasive Surgery for my spinal cord tumor treatment. Thank you, Dr. Lazar."
    Mr. Irvin H., Denton, Texas November 2005

  3. "Dr. Lazar,
    We can never thank you enough for saving A-----'s life. You are in our hearts forever.
    M & A and family, Dallas, Texas, September 2007

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

  1. "Just wanted you to let you know I was thinking about you today, October 3, on our 1 year anniversary! Thanks again for really "setting me straight". Hope youíre not going to spend as much time in surgery as you had to this time last year."
    Mary L., Plano, Texas October 2006

  2. "Dr. Lazar: I want to thank you again to tell you how great I am feeling! I feel as though I have just begun my life again-I DO owe all of this to you-you are a blessing in my life."
    Elizabeth W., Plano, Texas April 2007

  3. "Dear Dr. Lazar: I deeply appreciate you, your direct manner and educational overview of my problem. Thank you very much. I look forward to seeing you in 6 months."
    Pat L., Dallas, Texas February 2008

  4. "Dear Dr. Lazar, Thank you for seeing me on short notice. Your exam and going over the CT and MRI was very helpful in my coming to a conclusion about further back treatment. The courtesy we received from you and Medical City is very much appreciated."
    Duane L. Chickasha, Oklahoma March 2008

  5. "Dear Dr. Lazar: I am hoping to meet you in person someday to thank you for the gift you have given my mother and our family. Her spirit is renewed and her recovery has been amazing! We all prayed for a miracle and want to thank you for your part in it."
    Nancy W., Austin, Texas September 2008

  6. "Dear Dr. Lazar: I am happy to report that I am feeling better every day and so very pleased with my recovery. Trust me I am being a good patient and continue to adjust my lifestyle to your suggestions.

    Your kindness and generosity has overwhelmed me and my family. I will be forever grateful for the hope and life you have given back to me."
    Gisela W., Austin, Texas September 2008

  7. "Dear Dr. Lazar, I wanted to take the time to give you the proper thanks that you deserve for caring for my mom. Your time, professionalism, medical and surgical talents have given me and my family great comfort. Thank you does not seem enough Please know I appreciate all you have given."
    Debbie R., Dallas, Texas December 2008

  8. "Dear Dr. Lazar, About 6 months ago I spent a memorable hour with you. You evaluated my problem of degenerative lumbar disease, spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis all of which gave me terrible pain when I tried to walk. When I got home I went to your website and also read and re-read the hand-outs you gave me. I felt I could have taken an exam and passed. It was the best website and the most I had learned in an hour since I was in college a long time ago. I was very impressed. You gave me a great head start."

    "The operation, which occurred Feb. 3, 2009, was very successful. It has given me a new life. I am so grateful. My life is changed. I am able to accomplish things I was unable to do before. Please accept my thanks for being there for me."
    Richard H., Dallas, Texas August 2009

Lumbar Herniated Disc

  1. "Thank you very much for your service and help. I could not have received better treatment from anyone else"
    Mr. Tom C., Allen, Texas November 2006

  2. "Dr. Lazar: Thought you'd enjoy a success story. From your operating table in July 2005 to the top of Kilimanjaro at 5895 meters. Thanks for the good work."
    Michael K., Plano, Texas July 2006

  3. "Thanks to your expertise my back is feeling great and I'm back to my usual activities. I have recommended you to friends and will continue to do so in the future."
    Vicki S., Fort Worth, Texas July 2007

  4. "Navigating the medical system, without insurance is a very scary thing. First class medical treatment, such as Dr. Lazar provides, is not always readily available. I was completely taken aback that he consulted with me at no charge. What may have seemed small for you was a monumental experience for me. I have begun to be more active since I am no longer afraid that I could find myself confined to my bed with the least change in my back. Thank you."
    Donald C., Dallas. Texas March 2008

  5. "Dr. Lazar: I am humbled by your reply and on behalf of my brother-in-law and sister would like to thank you. This is the first time that this man has NOT been suffering since I can't even remember. I am so angry with the specialists at the ** Institute for the pain, additional medical expense, mental hell, and quite frankly the loss in business that he has suffered in his Shop.

    As far as the care you and your team have provided, GOD BLESS YOU! Your entire staff treated these people with respect and with very tender care. You are a very impressive surgeon, and I know that my brother-in-law and sister feel blessed to have found you. Thank you for your professionalism and your unbelievable skill. May God continue to bless you and your healing hands. I am amazed and stand in awe."
    Susan P., Stephenville, Texas, July 2008

  6. "Dear Dr. Lazar, Thank you so much for taking the time to be there when I needed you. I really appreciate all of your kindness and how patient you are with me."
    Patricia B., Dallas, Texas July 2008

  7. "Dear Dr. Lazar, I wanted to thank you so very much for the outstanding care and treatment you gave me. When I arrived in Dallas I felt hopeless but now I am well on my way back to normal. I know that I speak for both my husband and myself when I say how grateful we are to have been referred to you. We especially appreciated the fact that you explained everything to us so well and then were so willing to go through it all again when we would forget. I look forward to my next visit to Dallas. This time without a walking stick! Thank you for everything."
    Katherine H., Houston, Texas Houston, Texas October 2008

  8. "Dr. Lazar: You have our endless thanks. Thank you so much for everything."
    Chris and BreAnn C., Midland, Texas July 2008

  9. "Dear Dr. Lazar, We want to thank for the early Christmas present you gave us. Forrest has no pain now and that is such a huge blessing. May you have a very Happy New Year."
    Forrest & Lorene M., Mesquite, Texas, December 2009

Cervical Herniated Disc/Bone Spurs

  1. "I want to take a moment to let you know what wonderful care and treatment we received from the first moment I dialed your office number. We were treated like family, not patients. You could feel the care and concern from the staff.

    Dr. Lazar examined me and told me exactly what I needed to hear in straight-forward, honest, compassionate diagnosis. Dr. Lazar, You are a rarity in this day and time, a physician who comes across as someone who is concerned about the care of the patient, not the bottom line."
    Mrs. Melissa R-Mc, Terrell, Texas February 2007

  2. "Dr. Lazar, Just a kind word of Thanks for everything that you have done to fix my neck. Thank you."
    Ken C. Dallas, Texas May 2007

  3. "Dr. Lazar: For starters, I just again wanted to thank you for the care you provided to me. I have admittedly ambitious standards for almost everything. Your explanations, your thoroughness and your treatment exceeded what I expected and I thank you for that."
    Derrick J., Dallas, Texas October 2005

  4. "Dr. Lazar: Recently my teenage daughter asked me to train with her for a half marathon. Am I going to harm my neck? It has been 9 years since you operated on me to fix a herniated disk in my neck. I have not had any problems since, and am still so grateful for my days without any pain!"
    Teena A., Hurst, Texas January 2008

  5. "Dear Dr. Lazar, I finished my first (and last) Half Marathon! And my neck is still perfect! THANK YOU! Thank you! Thank you! (can't say that about my knee) I am going to stick to 5K and 10K runs now. But you do amazing work. No one would think someone with my medical history could do anything! But it is all fixed right (with doctors like Lau, Laidley, Lazar) you can do anything!"
    Teena A., Hurst, Texas April 2008

  6. "Dr. Lazar: You are the greatest! What a difference a year makes. Thank you for giving me the quality of life that I enjoy every day! You are an awesome group of people and a true gift to those you help."
    Kim S-S., Dallas, Texas July 2008

  7. "In February 1995 Dr. Lazar repaired my C5,6 disc herniation. A friend of mine recently asked me for a referral. I provided your practice. Since the operation I have never experienced any discomfort, complications or related problems. I have been just as active post-op as pre-op, have maintained my workout regimens and really have been pain free with a wonderful quality of life. In retrospect the level of medical skill I received that day was clearly superb. Thanks for helping me pasty such an ugly period in my life. The pain was undoubtedly the worst Iíve had and I've had 6 operations in the past 13 years."
    Mike R., Dallas Texas December 2007

Cervical Spinal Cord Compression/Cervical Reconstruction

  1. "Over the course of the last year and a half, I've encountered many people either personally or professionally who had similar surgery to that you did for me. I continue to be astounded at the difference in my results and theirs. I realize how fortunate I am - and want you to know, again, how much I appreciate the good care."
    Debbie B, Dallas, Texas March 2006

  2. "I wanted to write and thank you for taking such excellent care of me in Dallas. From the moment I met you I had so much confidence going into surgery. My only regret is that I couldn't bring you back to Virginia with me!!"
    Rainey A, Middleburg, Virginia November 2007

  3. "Dr. Lazar: Thank you only begins to express my gratitude to you for the education of my condition, the confidence I have in you, the recovery plan - the whole thing! Your expertise, skill and knowledge is unbelievable! Your compassion and patience when I got nervous is also greatly appreciated. Humor too! Your grateful and thankful patient."
    Sue N., Dallas, Texas April 2008

  4. "Dr. Lazar & Staff: Thank you so much for all your care you gave me during my neck surgery. You were all so thorough in educating me on my surgery and for scheduling me so quickly. I feel great now - actually feel 39 instead of 70!"
    Cheryl J., Dallas, Texas April 2008

  5. "Dear Dr. Lazar, I want to express my gratitude for the miraculous surgery you and Dr. Bland performed on my daughter, Diana C. Thank you for all your TLC."
    Margaret D., Austin, Texas December 2008

  6. "Dr. Lazar: I know that I will be seeing you soon but I couldn't wait to express my gratitude. Day four post-op and here I sit with complete sensation on my right side. The leg is coming back a little more each day. I find myself able to sleep an entire night already, something that I hadn't been able to do in years. Thank you for everything. My life is already so much better! With deepest gratitude."
    Danielle S., Mesquite, Texas May 2009

Notes to Our Staff

  1. "Dear Donna & Jan: Thank you for listening to me this week! I appreciate your patience with this patient. I feel very frustrated not knowing or understanding things. I realize my questions may not be top priority on Dr. L's busy schedule and I understand. That's why I really appreciate you Donna for capturing him long enough to get the answers today. Thank you again for your help and support. See y'all on the 3rd."
    Elizabeth R. New York, NY July 2006

  2. "Dr. Lazar, Donna & Jan, I donít know what words can truly express my gratitude to you. I was told many wonderful things about you, but you all are so much more than that."
    Ms. Kim S. Dallas, Texas July 2007

  3. "Dear Ms. Wesson: I would like to thank you for your professionalism, courtesy, and genuine concern in the ongoing problems with my back and let you know that your time and consideration was very much appreciated."
    Mr. Donald C. Dallas, Texas March 2008

  4. "Donna: thanks for always being there. Also for being so easy to work with regarding insurance issues. Your smiling voice also helped."
    Sue N., Dallas, Texas, April 2008

  5. "Dear Donna & Jan: Thanks for all your help. It was a wonderful experience."
    Fred U., Dallas, Texas, June 2008

  6. "Dear Donna & Jan: Thank you guys so much for everything."
    Chris & BreAnn C, Midland, Texas July 2008

  7. "Dear Dr. Lazar, I really appreciated the time you took to see me and interpret and explain my MRI. At your suggestion, I have since visited with Dr. L and have set up sessions for Physical Therapy. I want to thank you and your kind staff so much."
    Susan H., Dallas, TX April 2008

  8. "Dr. Lazar & Office Staff: Thank you for your referral to Dr. N. I appreciate all that you did for me. I can never thank you enough."
    Karen N., Caddo Mills, Texas August 2008

  9. "Dr. Lazar, Four years later, I am once again writing to thank you for helping me out. The 1st time I met you, you changed my life by protecting me from paralysis. Not to over dramatize this latest issue, but I do feel you helped me regain control of my life after seeing you and Dr. Altenau. this week. My headaches had become more frequent and severe and had been affecting my work for several weeks until you properly diagnosed my condition and sent me to see Dr. Altenau. After treating my sinus infection with antibiotics, my headache and 'jumpy' eye condition disappeared in a day. It is unreal how good it feels after a persistent headache goes away."

    "I had accomplished nothing in the 4 trips I had to 3 different doctor's offices over the course of the last 3 months. It took less than a day from start to finish for you and Dr. Altenau to diagnose and correct the problem ... and that includes the time I spent having the MRI done. In fact, I spent more time in the eye doctor's waiting room last week (2.5 hours!) than I did getting the MRI and seeing you and Dr. Altenau combined."

    "I am calling Jan later today to thank her for leading me through the process. As with her and Donna 4 years ago, I've been bragging on you and your office to all of my colleagues, friends and family for the way the appointments were quickly scheduled and handled. Jan was great ... I could not believe the way she was able to put things together so quickly and she was so helpful to me during the process. To 'us patients', it's unheard of to have an MRI appointment pre-certified and approved one and half hours after an initial phone call to a doctor's office ... yet Jan was able to accomplish that. And after my appointment with you, she walked me over and was able to get me into see Dr. Altenau immediately."

    "I had an important call at 10:00 that morning that she made sure was completed. Unbelievable!"

    "Please know that I have recommended several people to your office and will continue to do so. I can't thank you enough ... again."
    J.W.J., Dallas, Texas, April 2009

  10. "Dear Donna & Jan, This is just a simple note to express our gratitude for all your assistance prior and following my recent surgery. We always felt secure and comfortable with your guidance when we talked to you. You are a great asset to the Neurosurgical Team and to Dr. Lazar's patients. Your support was so helpful and we want you to know how much we appreciated you."
    Phyllis & Michael B., Oklahoma, October 2009

  11. "Dear Donna: As the one year anniversary of my surgery approaches, I just wanted to express my appreciation to you and Dr. Lazar. Together, you two made my life worth living again. What a blessing this has been!

    Dr. Lazar took the time to look at the MRI disc I mailed to him. He called to inform me that I had a problem which needed to be taken care of and suggested that I call the Department of Neurosurgery at Washington University since it was closer to my home. After consideration, I decided to call you, Donna, to ask if you thought Dr. Lazar would be willing to accept me as a patient. You thought he would and set up the appointment. We travelled to Dallas for the consultation and after that evaluation we decided to proceed with the plans you made for surgery.

    Immediately after surgery I knew that Dr. Lazar had decompressed that nerve! Your contribution to the "cause" and Dr. Lazar's most expert diagnosis, surgical techniques and follow-up care led to a HUGE success in solving my medical problem. So just add me to the very long list of patients who have been successfully treated by Dr. Lazar over the course of his illustrative career."
    Sharon D., IL, September 2009

  12. "Dear Ms. Wesson: I want to thank you for your professionalism, courtesy and genuine concern in the ongoing problems with my back. Navigating the medical system without insurance is a very scary thing. First class medical treatment such as Dr. Lazar provides is rarely readily available.

    I want you to know that your time and consideration was very much appreciated. Please thank Dr. Lazar for me. I was completely taken aback that his full consultation was provided at no charge. I have become much more active and am no longer afraid that I will be confined to bed. His has made a huge difference in my life. You are both a huge credit to your profession."
    Donald C., Lewisville, Texas, March 2008

Consultation Service

  1. "Dear Dr. Lazar, Please accept our most sincere gratitude for your extraordinary assistance in helping us deal with Jeannie's recent head trauma. We should have known what to expect when our dear friend, J. spoke of you so highly. But your outstanding world class reputation did not prepare us for your clear and concise manner of explaining Jeannie's condition. With your valuable assessment, our decision became immediately apparent. We can happily inform you that Dr. N. and his team did a wonderful job. The prognosis for full recovery is excellent."
    John O., Dallas, Texas February 2007

  2. "Dr. Lazar: I really appreciated the time you took to see me and explain and interpret my MRI. At your suggestion, I have since visited with Dr. L. and have set my time to do Physical Therapy. I want to thank you and your kind staff so much."
    Susan H., Dallas, Texas April 2008

  3. "Dr. Lazar: Thank you so much for your help. Your expert opinion about my husband's neck problem was very much appreciated."
    Loraine R., Dallas, Texas June 2008

  4. "Dr. Lazar: Thank you for taking the time to consult with J. & K. F. You and your team gave them more answers in one day than the Neurosurgeons at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas had in six weeks. I appreciate your time and know that they do to. Thank you again for your kindness."
    Hollie K., Dallas, Texas July 2008

  5. "Dr. Lazar: This card reminds me of my visit with you last week ... Don't wait for help with your hip at the Neurosurgeon's office... Thanks for referring me to Dr. R. I saw him today and got a shot in my hip. You are absolutely the most brilliant and entertaining Doc I know!"
    Rudi E., Dallas, Texas October 2008

  6. "Dr. Lazar: I would like to thank you for spending quality time with this Chicago hockey player last week. I appreciate the information you gave me and hope that I can follow the rules that you prescribed. Many thanks for your time and advice."
    Stanley S., Dallas, Texas July 2009

  7. "Dear Dr. Lazar, In April 2009 I was told that I had spondylolisthesis and needed surgery. I was referred to a neurosurgeon here in Illinois and when I went for the consultation he was not involved with any minimally invasive techniques. He said he would be cutting all the muscles off my spine and I would wear a brace for about 6-8 months."

    "I decided to see what was going on in the field of back surgery so I went on the internet and found you. I read all the articles I could find and then called your office. I spoke to Donna (several times), I sent my MRI report to you and she called me the very next day advising me you thought the procedure could be done with minimally invasive technique Then she said you referred me to Dr. F. in Chicago. He gave me his address and telephone number. I made an appointment and had the surgery. I don't even know how to describe the IMMEDIATE, UNBELIEVABLE AND LIFE CHANGING RESULTS I have had in the past 3 months. I am pain free. I barely know that I had surgery at all."

    "I owe all of this to you and Donna. She was so willing to help me and you were kind enough to refer me to Dr. F. here in the Chicago area. I wanted to let you know how extremely thankful I am to both of you. It is good to know there are some very kind individuals in this world. Thank you- thank you- a million times THANK YOU!!!"
    Sharon M. S., Villa Park, IL., September 2009

  8. "Dear Dr. Lazar, Thank you for seeing me at such short notice. Your exam and going over the CT and MRI was very helpful in my coming to a conclusion about further back treatment. At the present time I am going to try to live with the problem. Thank you for forwarding the results of your examination to Dr. Shaffrey. His office sent us a copy of his letter to you. I appreciate his consultation and will so advise him. The courtesy that we received from you and the staff at Medical City is very much appreciated."
    Duane L., Dallas, Texas March 2008

  9. "Dear Dr. Lazar, I was surprised to receive no bill for your neurosurgical consultation. Your help was gratefully appreciated and it was a pleasure to meet you. My friend, Dr. L. joins me in thanking you for this kindness."
    George M. Dallas, Texas, June 2009

  10. "Dear Dr. Lazar, Thank you for the excellent consultation and the time and care you took to contact my regular doctor. This meant a great deal to me."
    Suzanne M., Dallas, Texas August 2009

  11. "Marty, I appreciated the very appropriate evaluation and recommendations for treatment which has worked wonders. Thank you."
    Tim T, Dallas, Texas August 2009

  12. "Dear Dr. Lazar, Thanks so much for the time you spent listening to and talking with me, I really appreciated the 'homework' because I like being an informed patient. I have already shared your name with others and will continue to do so. G-d bless you, your family and your practice."
    Mae R., Dallas, Texas, November 2009

  13. "Dear Dr. Lazar, I am most grateful for the kindness you showed me during my back 'episode'. I really appreciate your expert advice, generosity and patience. I know that I was somewhat of a 'cry baby'. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sir. May 2010 bring you and yours much happiness!"
    Linda W., Dallas, Texas, December 2009

  14. "Dear Dr. Lazar, Thank you for seeing me about my hip pain. Your suggestions have been very helpful. It is good to know that there are fine doctors left in this world who truly care about people. Thank you seems inadequate, but you do have my heartfelt thanks. I appreciate the consideration of your office staff as well as the time you took to help with my problem."
    Mont H., Dallas, Texas December 2009

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