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McGill University, Montreal, Canada 1958-1962
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) May 1962
University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada 1962-1966
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) May 1966

Jewish General Hospital, Montreal Junior Rotating Intern July 1966 - July 1967
Jewish General Hospital, Montreal Junior Assistant Resident Surgery July 1967 - July 1968
University of Texas Southwestern Medical School of Dallas
Resident in Neurological Surgery July 1968 - July 1973
Fellow in Surgery (Neurosurgery) July 1968 - July 1973
Chief Resident - Neurological Surgery July 1971 - July 1973
University of London, National Hospitals for Nervous Diseases, England
Postgraduate Fellow in Neurology July 1970 - January 1971

National Research Council of Canada (Deep Temperature Lab) 1963 - 1967
University of London, National Hospitals for Nervous Diseases, England (Neurology) 1970 - 1971
University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School at Dallas (Surgery) 1971 - 1973

American Board of Neurological Surgery November 1975

Civic Honors:

MediSend/International (http://www.medisend.org/)
Founder 1990
President 1990 - 1997
Chairman of the Board 1990 to July 2005
Chairman Emeritus July 2005 - Present

Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge "George Washington Honor Medal" 13 Nov. 2003
E-town Foundation "E-chievement Award" 16 March 2003
Federation of Kerala Associations in North America - FOKANA - "Distinguished Service Award" 7 July 2002
Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, "National Certificate of Merit" September 2001
The SAVVY Award 19 April 2001
Irving D-FW Indian Lions Club "Citizen of the Year" 6 April 2001
Environmental Center of Dallas, ECO Dallas Conference, "Award of Environmental Excellence" 1 April 2000
Irving D-FW Indian Lions Club "Appreciation Award" 25 March 2000
The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem 9 Nov. 1996
The CARE Foundation "1995 International Humanitarian Award" 4 May 1995
J.C. Penney "Golden Rule Award" 20 May 1993

Dr. Lazar's special interests lie in the advanced Microneurosurgical, Microvascular and Microendoscopic Minimally Invasive Techniques as they apply to Skull Base, Pituitary and Acoustic Tumors; Orbital Tumors; Complex Spinal Disorders (including SPINAL CORD TUMORS); Trigeminal and Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia and Hemifacial Spasm. He has lectured frequently at home and abroad regarding his special neurosurgical interests.

Martin L. Lazar, M.D., F.A.C.S.


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