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James E. Bland, MD


University of Texas at Austin (BA-1958)

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas (MD-1963)

Public Health Service Hospital-San Francisco (Internship-1963-1964)

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas (Neurosurgery 1964-1968)


University of California Medical Center San Francisco (Vascular) July 1968-July 1969


American Board of Neurological Surgery

Dr. Bland has enjoyed a distinguished career in Neurosurgery for over 35 years. He recently announced his retirement from active practice and has been recognized as one of the foremost Carotid Artery surgeons in the world with the lowest stroke and mortality rate of any Vascular Surgeon. He is a superb technical neurosurgeon with wide ranging interests and capabilities.

Drs. Bland and Lazar have worked together for over 30 years. Dr. Bland now performs as the First Surgical Assistant in the Operating Theatre on most of Dr. Lazar's cases.

James E. Bland, M.D.


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