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Relevant Medical Organizations Anatomy:
  1. About the Brain ("Show Me the Diagram")

  2. For a fascinating and detailed anatomical tour of the Brain Stem the following website is quite worthwhile.

  3. Spinal Anatomy

Disease Specific Assistance Organizations, Support Groups and Information:

Congenital Anomalies Craniosynostosis
  1. http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/craniosynostosis/craniosynostosis.htm

  2. http://cumc.columbia.edu/dept/nsg/PNS/Craniofacial.html

  3. http://www.health.adelaide.edu.au/paed-neuro/craniofacial.html

  4. FACES: The National Craniofacial Association

  5. AboutFace USA

  6. CAPPS (Craniosynostosis and Positional Plagiocephaly Support, Inc.)

  7. MUMS
Spinal Lipomas Arteriovenous Malformations (Brain)
  1. http://www.emedicine.com/RADIO/topic93.htm

  2. http://www.avmsupport.org.uk/brain_avms.php
Cavernous Malformations
  1. http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/cavernous_malformation/cavernous_malformation.htm

  2. http://www.angiomaalliance.org/cainfo.html

  3. http://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition=cerebralcavernousmalformation (GENETICS information)
Venous Angioma
  1. http://www.angiomaalliance.org/venous_angioma.html

  2. http://www.emedicine.com/radio/byname/brain-venous-vascular-malformations.htm
Capillary Telangiectasia
  1. http://www.emedicine.com/RADIO/topic94.htm

  2. http://cme.emedicine.com

  3. http://www.emedicine.com/med/topic3469.htm
Vein of Galen Aneurysm
  1. http://www.ijppediatricsindia.org

  2. http://www.emedicine.com/neuro/topic538.htm
Acoustic Neuroma Chordoma Pituitary Spinal Conditions: Stereotactic Radiosurgery Medical & Support Team Websites
  1. Dr. Jeffrey A. Fearon (Craniofacial Plastic Surgery)

  2. Dr. David Feinstein (Endocrinology)

  3. Dr. Virginia Stark-Vance (Neuro-oncology)

  4. Dr. B. Robert Peters (Neuro-otology)

  5. Dr. Crys Sory (Neuroradiology)

  6. Dr. Ellis Robertson (Neuroradiology)

  7. Prabhakar P. Kesava (Neuroradiology)

  8. Dr. Allan Shulkin (Pulmonary & Intensive Care Medicine)

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