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Out-of Network Benefits-How to Get More & Cost Less

  1. Neurosurgical Consultants, P.A. generally does not participate in any insurance plans. EVEN THOUGH WE ARE NOT PARTICIPANTS IN YOUR PARTICULAR INSURANCE PLAN, we are pleased to see you in consultation, help you to fully understand your Neurosurgical condition and determine the most appropriate course of action for you. We are always willing to work with you regarding the financial aspects of your Neurosurgical care.

  2. MOST INSURANCE PLANS ALLOW PATIENTS "OUT-OF-NETWORK" BENEFITS. In most cases this will provide our patients adequate coverage. You may wish to verify our participation with your particular plan before you come in for an appointment. However, we would not permit this to stand in the way of your consultation should you desire one.

  3. YOUR OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSES MAY BE LESS THAN "IN-NETWORK". In many instances the ACTUAL OUT-of-POCKET EXPENSES MAY PROVE TO BE LESS THAN IF A PATIENT REMAINS "IN-NETWORK". While this seems counter-intuitive, it is quite factual. Once our office staff helps you to determine the details of your insurance plan, they can then assist you in working through these financial details. PATIENTS ARE OFTEN VERY PLEASANTLY SURPRISED TO LEARN THAT THEIR PERSONAL FINANCIAL COST IS LESS SINCE WE MAY HAVE CONSIDERABLE MORE LEEWAY TO LOWER THE ACTUAL "OUT-OF-POCKET" COST THAN AN "IN-NETWORK" NEUROSURGEON DOES.

  4. AS OUT-of-NETWORK NEUROSURGEONS, WE ARE NOT CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED TO ANY OF THE INSURANCE COMPANIES' RESTRICTIONS THAT AN ORDINARY NEUROSURGEON IS REQUIRED TO IMPOSE ON THE PATIENT. Having this latitude permits us to work with the patient to REMOVE BARRIERS that WOULD ORDINARILY stand in the way of your access to the level of Neurosurgical assistance offered by our Surgeons.


    BLUE CROSS-BLUE SHIELD of TEXAS (BCBS) has instituted a physician payment scheme that ranks among the most restrictive in the USA. BCBS has chosen to pay "participating" (contracting) physicians at rates comparable to or lower than the already bottom-basement Medicare price schedules. This has resulted in several hospitals and multiple physicians/physician practice groups taking the drastic step to disassociate from BCBS. Patients who have used those physicians and/or hospitals must now find other facilities.

    NEUROSURGICAL CONSULTANTS, pa has made special arrangements to accommodate patients who are covered by BCBS of Texas even though we are not contracted with ANY INSURANCE SCHEMES and are "out-of-network" providers for any and all health insurance companies.

    1. ALL BCBS patients will qualify for an INITIAL NO OUT-OF-POCKET COST COMPLETE Neurosurgical Consultation with our Senior Neurosurgical Staff.

    2. There will be NO OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS for follow-up visits related to that initial Neurosurgical Consultation.

    3. In the event that Neurosurgical Treatment becomes appropriate in your care, we will provide you with an ITEMIZED WRITTEN ESTIMATE OF THE SURGEONS' FEES TOGETHER WITH AN EXPLANATION OF WHAT THOSE SERVICES ENTAIL.

    4. Neurosurgical Consultants, pa will offer to BCBS insured patients the same discounted service and guaranteed fixed professional fee for the specific Neurosurgical services as is offered to our Medicare patients.

    5. BCBS "Co-pay" and/or "deductibles" will NOT APPLY to any services provided by our Neurological Surgeons.

    6. Neurosurgical Consultants, pa will file BCBS insurance claims on behalf of the patient and REFUND to the patient those funds collected on their behalf provided that there is no outstanding balance on their account with our office.

    7. Neurosurgical Consultants, pa will assist all BCBS insured patients as they seek to recover additional payments from BCBS and will provide all the relevant medical information and documentation to support that claim.

    8. Services provided by the hospital and/or other healthcare professionals are billed to BCBS by those entities according to their specific and separate contracts.

INSURANCE SCHEMES THAT DO NOT PROVIDE OUT-OF-NETWORK BENEFITS include HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), managed care, Medicaid and Medicare plans. We do not participate in any of these insurance schemes.

Our experienced Business Office Staff members are pleased to assist you with insurance questions and concerns both before and after you have completed treatment with one of our Neurosurgeons.

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