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Traveling from another country for medical treatment is difficult enough without the added uncertainty that comes with facing new places and people. Our specially trained, multilingual hospital staff will work to meet your health care needs and make your stay in the hospital as comfortable as possible.

We are pleased to be able to offer the advanced surgical treatments demonstrated and explained on this website, for our International Patients at attractive and economical rates. We have arranged a single, comprehensive fee for the Hospital as well as the entire Professional Team. This fee is on a cash basis with prepayment required. There are no additional charges for the medical/surgical care. We can provide you with the technical information that you may need for your Health Insurance system in order for you to claim reimbursement. We regret that we are unable to file those claims for you.

We have developed a "VIRTUAL CONSULTATION" program to assess your clinical problem well in advance of your visit. This Virtual Consultation process begins once you contact our office. After we receive your Neuroimaging studies (MRI/CT scans and x-rays) along with a brief medical history with specific reference to the problem which is bringing you to our facility, we will review this information and then contact you with our observations, opinions and recommendations. Any additional questions about this health problem can be addressed at that time.

In the event that we accept you as a patient we will then advise you of our treatment plan and prepare a quotation for you. Once you agree to this, a firm acceptance will be sent to you.

Your preliminary medical evaluation can usually be completed by your physician in your home city. We will provide you with the details of the required information so that you can have this completed in a timely manner and forwarded to us. You may then arrange for your journey to Dallas for your surgery.

Our staff will be pleased to help you, and anyone arriving with you, with local hotel accommodations and transportation.

We do require that the patient have someone accompany them to Dallas and remain with them throughout their stay here. We regret that surgery cannot be carried out unless your companion is present at the time of and following surgery.


Prior to scheduling a surgical procedure, we recommend the following steps:
  • Call the United States Embassy or Consulate in your country to verify Visa requirements for U.S. entry
  • Obtain the necessary documents for you and those traveling with you.
Security issues and Visa requirements may have changed since your last foreign visit including those specific to the USA.

Once the procedure is scheduled, we suggest you:
  • Make sure all your travel documents and medical records are in order, including:

    • A Passport, Visa or other photo identification
    • Full medical records (translated into English). Include all test reports and surgery reports, treatment records, and laboratory results
    • All films and Neuroimaging Studies (such as MRI and CT scans) along with relevant reports translated into English
    • Glass Pathology Slides if applicable, along with the original report and a copy of the Pathology Report translated into English

  • Carry your medical records, including actual written prescriptions from your personal physician (particularly if you are taking any narcotic medication), neuroimaging studies/films and medications with you in case your luggage is lost or delayed.
  • Fill prescriptions for any medications that you must take regularly, and bring them with you. Some medications may not be approved for distribution in the United States and we may need to identify the generic version.


It can be difficult to think about financial matters when considering medical treatment and care. However, knowing what to expect at the beginning, and understanding the payment and billing process, can help eliminate surprises.

Once you, your physician and our Neuroscience Professional Staff determine that treatment at one of the Neurosurgical Consultants' hospital facilities is appropriate; our staff will prepare a single statement clearly identifying the charges for all hospital and physician services relating to your anticipated treatment.


Neurosurgical Consultants and the physicians (anesthesiologist, internist, intensive care medical specialist, etc) as well as the hospital facility all require full payment, in advance, prior to being admitted to the hospital for Neurosurgical treatment. We accept payment in the form of a major Credit Card, Traveler's Check, Certified Check, and Wire Transfer. Wire Transfer payments must be received 72 hours prior to treatment. Neurosurgical Consultants and the Medical Center adhere to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service's reporting guidelines.


Neurosurgical Consultants and our Medical Center offer a number of services designed to ensure continuity of patient care, and to assist physicians who may wish to refer a patient to us for further care. These services include:
  1. Access to Neurosurgical Consultants' and our Medical Center's physicians for consultation and second opinions
  2. Printed Pamphlets regarding specific disease states in which we have special interest and which can be used for patient as well as physician education.
  3. Regular status reports on patient progress
  4. Translation and faxing of medical records
  5. Access to continuing medical education courses
  6. Assistance in arranging "observerships" with the staff of Neurosurgical Consultants and other members of our Comprehensive Neuroscience Team. We can assist in obtaining information on areas of medical interest at various Dallas area facilities.


We are pleased to offer comprehensive Concierge Services to those patients and their families who prefer to leave all local arrangements to experts. This service includes airport and metropolitan area transportation, lodging accommodations, entertainment, sightseeing as well as translation services (including during doctor and hospital visits). This service is provided to our patients and their families/companion(s) through Global MediLink, an organization that specializes in this unique level of service. The fee charged is based upon the requirements of the individuals requesting this service. Please consult Global MediLink directly and anticipate a separate communication from their very knowledgeable staff.

Global MediLink can be accessed through their website and/or telephone at 214.306.6741 or fax to 972.698.0044.

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