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Jan Reynolds


Jan was born in Dallas, TX and attended South Garland High School, and Richland College. She has been employed in the Health Care field throughout her working life, first in Dentistry and Oral Surgery and then in Neurosurgery. She has worked with Drs. Lazar and Bland since 1978.

Jan's duties include welcoming patients, scheduling surgeries, as well as processing billing and insurance claims.

As the Primary Surgical Coordinator, she is responsible for arranging the Operating Room schedule which includes coordinating the various surgeons, technical equipment and auxiliary staff that are involved with each operation. She will schedule and plan the various appointments required for each patient as they are prepared for their operation.

Jan coordinates our Virtual Consultation Program as well as our Fly-in Program. She will create an "itinerary" (outlining dates/times/places for any additional medically related consultations within the hospital complex) for those patients arriving from other cities, states and countries in order to make this process as uncomplicated and smooth as possible.

Jan is very knowledgeable about insurance and medical billing processes. She is accessible to help patients understand the payment options available to them.

Jan's email: Jan@NeurosurgeryDallas.com

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