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The Neurosurgeons and Office Staff of Neurosurgical Consultants, P.A. recognize that you have choices and we appreciate your confidence in permitting us to participate in your care. We believe that well informed patients will become partners in their own recovery and well being. While preventive measures are clearly the most effective method to accomplish wellness, there are times when highly sophisticated Neurosurgical Consultation and Treatment are required.

In the event that this is necessary, our Neurosurgeons will bring their more than 30 years of experience in this field to resolve the concerns of our patients. They will begin with a full evaluation of the clinical problem and recommend appropriate neurodiagnostic testing.

Our Neurosurgeon will explain these neuroimaging studies to you as well as clarify what will happen without treatment. It is likely that you will review anatomical diagrams and models with him along with printed information. In some cases, you may wish to review, with the Neurosurgeon, videos/photos of the type of operation that you are considering. Usually there are some treatment options. He will discuss these therapeutic alternatives, with their risks and limitations, and then make specific recommendations for your treatment.

In the event that you decide, with your Neurosurgeon's assistance, on a specific Neurosurgical intervention, you will have ample opportunity to discuss his experience and results should you wish to explore that information. You will have time to make certain that your questions have been answered.

Because of the complex nature of many of the clinical problems that we are asked to treat, it is likely that there will be additional members of our surgical team assisting the Primary Surgeon. For example, for certain Skull Base Tumor operations, there may be a Craniofacial Plastic Surgeon and/or a Neuro-otologic Surgeon as part of the surgical team. All of the members of the team will be identified for you in advance of the operation so that you can have the opportunity to meet with them if you wish.

Modern Neurosurgical Operations often require very specific and high level technology. In those instances we may require the presence of technical assistants. None of these individuals will, in any way, be directly involved in any operation other than to make certain that the technical equipment is functioning to the level required.

Additionally, special Neurophysiological monitoring is employed during certain surgical procedures. This technology allows us to evaluate various neurological functions while we are conducting the operation. We have considerable experience, from over thirty (30) years and thousands of operations utilizing Intraoperative Evoked Neurophysiological Responses, to draw upon when using this technology. There is no real risk to the patient from these techniques. The technicians who assist us with this are highly skilled professionals. They are providing us with vital information as the operation progresses. We will inform the patient about our intention to conduct this monitoring at the time of our customary pre-operative discussions. Please ask us about these exciting advances in the event that they have an interest for you.


  • Make every effort to see you in a timely manner
  • Listen carefully to your account of your condition
  • Conduct a focused evaluation of your Neurological problem
  • Conduct appropriate investigations and then review them with you
  • Discuss with you the Neurosurgical condition(s) that brought you to us and what will happen if it is left untreated (THE PROJECTED "NATURAL HISTORY")
  • Provide you with educational materials relating to this condition
  • Explain the therapeutic alternatives available to you with their attendant risks & limitations
  • Make specific recommendations for treatment


Our entire Medical and Office Staff recognize that the sole purpose of Neurosurgical Consultants, p.a. is to manage the Neurosurgical treatment for those patients who have entrusted us to provide that care. We are also sensitive to the Financial Issues that our patients inevitably face. We are well organized to assist our patients through the maze of the current Health Insurance System in an effort to reduce the patient's stress and financial burden.

Even though Neurosurgical Consultants, p.a. participates in very few insurance plans, we have a strong and successful history of actually reducing "Out-of-Pocket Expenses" for many patients with "Out-of Network Benefits".

Even if we are not participants in your insurance plan, we are pleased to see you in consultation and to work with you regarding the financial aspects of your Neurosurgical care. We do not believe that these matters should stand in the way of your access to the level of Neurosurgical assistance offered by our Neurosurgeons. We are willing to discuss these issues in a completely candid manner to try to make Neurosurgical Consultants' care available to those who desire it.

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